AC Energy Holding Inc.’s capacity reached 1,000 MW


AC Energy Holdings Inc.’s attributable capacity has reached 1,000 megawatts (MW) with the development of the 668-MW GNPower Dinginin project in Bataan Province.

“Our ability to partner has been a strong driver in rapidly growing our portfolio. We will continue to grow through partnerships and in the process have a more diversified portfolio,” AC Energy president and chief executive John Eric Francia said.

The power arm of the Ayala Corporation holds a 50 percent stake in the GNPower Dinginin project.

AC Energy’s attributable capacity came from 121 MW from GNPower Mariveles; 122 MW from South Luzon Thermal Corp.; 29 MW from North Luzon Renewable Energy Corp.; 26 MW from Northwind Power Development Corp.; 14 MW from Monte Solar Energy Inc.; 442 MW from GN Power Kausawan; and 334 MW from GN Power Dinginin.

AC Energy said that they are ensuring high environmental standards in its power projects through the use of clean coal technologies like circulating fluidized bed and super critical technology.

“AC Energy has started to contribute to the country’s energy infrastructure needs and has become a significant component of Ayala’s portfolio. We will continue our significant investments in this space and expect AC Energy to be a key driver of Ayala’s growth and value in the long term,” Ayala chairman and chief executive Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala said.

The company currently has a portion from seven coal, wind, and solar assets since 2011 when AC Energy joined the market.

These include 668 MW GN Power Dinginin and 604 MW GN Power Mariveles, both in Bataan; Batangas based 244 MW South Luzon Thermal Energy; 552 MW GN Power Kausawagan in Lanao del Norte; 81 MW North Luzon  Renewables; 52 MW Northwind Power in Ilocos Norte; and 18 MW Montesol in Negros Oriental.

AC Energy is targeting their portfolio to reach 2,000 MW by 2020.



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