AG&P drops plug-and-play solutions for LNG network supply in Asia

AG&P drops plug-and-play solutions of LNG network supply in Asia

The Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company (AG&P) recently revealed two standardized gas products in modular design for the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply network in Asia.

The two designs, a scalable LNG delivery platform vessel and an onshore modular regasification unit is seen to drive down costs, accelerate delivery schedules, and enable last – mile supply to the LNG demand centers across Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Caribbean.

The ‘plug and play’ solutions will be built in the company’s 150 hectare manufacturing facilities in Batangas, which will help speed delivery time, reduce the project cost and shorten project man-hours.

“While there is increasing preference for small-scale and mid-scale LNG solutions in emerging economies like Indonesia and India, uptake remains slow with few projects underway. Standardization and modular solutions will be the circuit-breaker that will bring projects online, enabling the switch to LNG as a clean and affordable energy source,” AG&P President Albert Altura said.

The scalable LNG delivery platforms allow a wide range from a shallow water delivery (from 4,000 to 8,000m³) to an open water delivery (6,000 to 16,500m³).

Meanwhile, the onshore modular, standardized regasification unit has a standardized design and modular equipment that will lower the cost and will deliver greater customer efficiency.

AG&P is positive that the off-the-shelf products can help in bolstering the small and mid-scale LNG market in Southeast Asia.

“AG&P is combining its modularization capabilities and unique alliances with engineering and technology partners to provide the complete spectrum of infrastructure assets that enable LNG distribution and last-mile delivery,” Altura said.

AG&P is a Philippine-based firm on LNG infrastructure solutions that has been delivering pragmatic solutions for the oil and gas industry.



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