INUMPISAHAN NA: Ormin Power opens the first 10 MW of the 30-MW hydro power plant project after 3-year setback

San Roque dam in Pangasinan completes rehabilitation

Ormin Power Incorporated has inaugurated the 10 megawatt (MW) mini -hydroelectric power plant, which was originally planned to be finished in 2016.

OPI’s chairman Jolly L. Ting told Manila Bulletin that the initial 10 MW power plant will source its power from Inabasan River in Mount Halcon. The San Teodoro town holds the jurisdiction of the area.

OPI said it experienced setbacks due to four big typhoons that strucked Mindoro which were Nona, Nina, Urduja, and Usman. It delayed the project for three years.

“The completion of the Inabasan hydroelectric power plant is a realization of the vision of harnessing renewable energy to provide clean, sustainable and affordable energy to Oriental Mindoro, to support the growth and development of the province,” Ting was quoted in a Manila Bulletin report.

The hydro power plant project will also create jobs for the locals and Mangyan iraya natives in the area.

The Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi said the power plant will benefit the province economically and environmentally.

Cusi attended the launch ceremony last March 23 at Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative Inc.’s  (ORMECO) multipurpose hall. Other attendees were Calapan City Mayor Arnan C. Panaligan, San Teodoro Mayor Salvador R. Py, Congressmen Doy C. Leachon (First District) and Rey V. Umali (Second District). Present also during the ceremony was former Governor Rodolfo G. Valencia.

OPI was founded in 2009 to address the province’s power crisis in mid-2000s. It opened its power generation project, which is a 9.6-MW fuel-powered power plant in 2011.

Affiliate of OPI Jolliville Holdings Corporation also manages Calapan Waterworks Corp., which is the main water supplier of Calapan City, supplying 25 of the 67 barangays of the city.




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