Be prepared for a slight increase in your Meralco bill this October

Be prepared for a slight increase in your Meralco bill this October

The Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) has announced a slight increase in its power rates for the month of October.

An increase of P0.0345 per kilowatt hour will reflect on consumer’s electric bills for this month.

This brings the overall rate to Php 9.2836 per kwh for Ocrober from Php 9.2491 per kwh in September.

This means that a household which consumes 200 kwh monthly has an additional Php 6.91 to its bill, while Php10.36 will be added for a 300kwh household, Php 13.81 for a 400 kwh household, and P17.27 for a 500 kwh household.

The increase was brought about by an increase of Php 0.1777 per kwh in generation charges following the completion of the 2014 to 2016 Meralco – petitioned refund last month.

Power from power supply agreements (PSAs) and independent power producers (IPPs) also registered a slight increase mainly because of higher fuel prices.

Meanwhile, transmission charges went down by Php. 0.0593 per kwh, while taxes and other charges also declined by Php 0.0839 per kwh this month.

Meralco has also reminded its consumers to practice energy efficiency in its households, especially now as the Christmas Season comes near. It reminded end-users to plug off Christmas lights when not in use to avoid “phantom load” in their electricity bills.



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