Sen. Loren Legarda files bill promoting energy conservation

Sen. Loren Legarda files bill promoting energy conservation

Senate Committee on Climate Change Chair Senator Loren Legarda has filed a bill to promote energy conservation in the country.

Senate Bill No. 30 seeks to promote energy conservation by providing fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to private firms implementing energy-saving practices, and by requiring manufacturers and dealers’ compliance with the energy efficiency rating of the Department of Energy, read Legarda’s statement.

“Energy should not only be produced and used in a manner that will promote sustainable development, but at the same time, it must contribute to the country’s overall economic competitiveness and minimize negative impacts to the environment,” Legarda said.

The said bill aims to institutionalize energy efficiency and conservation and promote renewable energy in the country.

According to the senator, the bill provides “incentives in the form of tax breaks, duty-free imports to support suppliers of renewable energy. There would also be non-fiscal incentives in the likes of awards and recognition for energy efficiency and conservation and technical assistance from government agencies in development and promotion of energy – efficient technologies.”

“Energy efficiency is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Legarda said.

Under the bill, companies must assess their energy consumption and costs thru regular energy audits. While Local government units and agencies shall ensure efficient energy use in offices, facilities and transportation units through the implementation of energy saving methods.



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