AboitizPower: Balancing energy needs is crucial

AboitizPower edited

In pursuing diverse power sources, Aboitiz Power Corporation has highlighted the significance of meeting the country’s energy demand as it sustains the industries, power residential homes, and is a key factor in the nation’s growth. 

In a report by the Philippine Star, AboitizPower President and CEO Emmanuel Rubio added that it will take time to fully shift into a more sustainable future. 

This initiative calls for the establishment and maintenance of two distinct energy systems, one that secures reliable and adequate supply to meet the energy needs of the country, and the other that is dedicated to upkeep a smooth transition to long-term cleaner, greener energy.

Aboitiz Power is in view of all feasible renewable and thermal energy options, with energy storage technologies on top of it, while considering its impact on the environment, the affected local community, and society.

The country’s electricity demand is seen to grow by 6.6% annually. 

Rubio also mentioned that they are exploring baseload capacities that will ensure a stable and consistent power supply. 

In lieu of the government’s attempt to clean energy transition, the company continues to invest in renewable energy. Currently in its planning stages are around 1,000 megawatts (MW) worth of RE projects, particularly wind and solar farms, and geothermal capacities.

By the next decade, AboitizPower aims to reach approximately 4,600 MW or 50 percent of its generation portfolio.