DOE eyes 3,309MW capacity boost in 2024

The emergence of renewable energy in the Philippines

The Department of Energy (DOE) anticipates a significant capacity addition of 3,309 megawatts in the country this year, including 334 megawatts from battery energy storage systems (BESS). 

Primarily, the Luzon grid will witness a surge in renewable energy (RE) technologies, dominated by solar farm projects at 1,123.95 MW, followed by wind at 160 MW, and additional contributions from hydropower (44.32 MW), geothermal (38.57 MW), and biomass (11.28 MW).

Across thermal technologies, gas will contribute 1,320MW, coal will add 600MW, and oil-fired generation will contribute 11.04MW.

Solar capacity deliveries are expected to enhance the power supply during the summer months including the Subic solar power facility (86.2MW), Lal-lo solar facility (82.488MW), and Cayanga-Bugallon solar farm (75MW) by February, April, and May, respectively.

Wind energy will see additions from the initial phase of the Balaoi and Caunayan wind farm (445.15MW) by June.

Geothermal capacity will rise with the commencement of the Tiwi and Palayan binary plants in March, while development in Isabela province will boost biomass capacity.

Coal capacity reinforcement will be drawn from the Mariveles coal plant project in Bataan, with commercial operations of its four electric generating units (150MW each) spread through February, March, June, and August.

The major capacity buildup by December will be from the Excellent Energy Resources Inc. (EERI) greenfield gas plant in Batangas province, contributing more than 1,300MW.