DOE, Petron Philippines release eco run results

DOE, Petron Philippines release eco run results

Following the success of the results of the Euro 4 Fuel Eco Run, the Department of Energy (DOE) says it wants to implement program in other locations and varying traffic conditions.

Energy secretary Zenaida Monsada said the results of the Euro 4 Fuel Eco Run will “serve as catalyst for intensive research to further improve fuel efficiency.”

DOE, with Petron Corp. unveiled the list of the most fuel-efficient gasoline- and diesel-fed vehicles that participated in the fuel economy run.

The data gathered will be an essential part of developing standards in the transport and power sector, the secretary said.

The results showed 27 out of 38 vehicles that ran on gas, and 21 out of 32 diesel cars had fuel economy ratings of over 20 kilometers per liter (km/L).

Of the gasoline-fed cars, the Suzuki Celerio A/T was the most fuel efficient, with a consumption of 29.14 km/L. The Isuzu D-Max, which ran on diesel, registered 38.46 km/L.

“Through this, we were able to acquire the necessary data and information that we can use to improve energy performance of our consumer products sold in the market today such as fuels and vehicles,” she said.

Among the companies that participated in the fuel economy run on May 27 were Asian brands Motors Corporation (Mahindra), Automobile Central Enterprise Inc. (Volkswagen), Bayan Automotive Industries Corporation (BAIC), Berjaya Auto Philippines (Mazda), British United Automobiles Inc., Columbian Autocar Corporation (Kia), Eurobrands Distributor Inc. (Peugeot), Ford Group Philippines, Foton Motor Philippines Inc., Honda Cars Philippines Inc., and Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, Motor Image Pilipinas Inc. (Subaru), Nissan Philippines Inc., PGA Cars Inc. (Audi / Porsche), Pilipinas Taj Autogroup Inc. (Tata Motors), Suzuki Philippines Inc., The Covenant Car Company Inc. (Chevrolet), Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, and Volvo Philippines.