DOE: PH can’t be compared to China, Indonesia in coal power generation

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The power generation mix of the Philippines cannot be directly compared with larger economies like China and Indonesia due to significant differences in demographic, economic, and energy profiles, the Department of Energy (DOE) said. 

This statement came after the Global Energy Monitor Report. This stated that as of January 2024, China has an installed coal power plant capacity of 1,136.7 GW, Indonesia has 51.6 GW, and the Philippines has 12.1 GW. 

“This highlights the vast difference in the scale of energy infrastructure among the three countries,” the DOE said. 

The DOE also noted the difference in the gross generation mix from coal power plants. Stating that in 2021, China generated 5,417,848 GWh from coal, Indonesia generated 189,683 GWh, and the Philippines generated only 65,052 GWh. 

“Even with an increase to 69,472 GWh in 2023, the Philippines’ figures remain significantly lower than those of China and Indonesia,” DOE stated. 

While the country still has coal as its largest source of power, DOE emphasized that the country has minimal contribution to global emissions. 

Citing the European Commission – Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR) on GHG Emissions of All World Countries 2023 Report, DOE said that in 2022, China was the largest greenhouse gas emitter globally, contributing 29.2% of total emissions. Indonesia ranked 7th, with a 2.3% share of global emissions. Meanwhile, the Philippines accounted for just 0.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“Despite the heavy reliance on coal-fired power generation, the Philippines’ absolute amount of generation and corresponding emissions are minimal compared to China and Indonesia. Therefore, the Philippines cannot be reasonably compared to these larger economies, which have different energy strategies and infrastructures tailored to their specific demographic and economic conditions,” the DOE said.

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