Four areas in Visayas ready for energy investments


Four areas in the Visayas region have been identified by the Department of Energy (DOE) for power plant investors in the next three years.

During the 2018 Visayas Energy Investment Forum (EIF), DOE Assistant Secretary Redentor Delola said that there is a rise in demand from consumers in Visayas, marking a potential for growth in its local energy portfolio.  

Delola mentioned Mactan and Compostela in Cebu Province, Calbayog City in Samar, and Corella in Bohol as areas with increasing demand in power.

“These are the areas seen with a rising demand of power in the next three years, making these viable for investors to put up power plants,” Delola said.

Compostela and Mactan Island needs at least a 138 KV, a 100 MW power plant in both areas; 138/69 KV with 50 MW is recommended in Calbayog City; while an additional 138 KV, 100 MW is identified for Corella, Bohol.

A total of 9,180 MW is needed based on the Visayas Supply-Demand Outlook 2016-2040.

“There is still 5,000 MW needed for investors to put up,” Delola said.

A total of 3,399 MW can be available in the following years, according to the Visayas Indicative Power Projects.

84 percent of the power projects will be renewable energy, nine percent coal, and three percent oil-based.

A large percentage of the renewable energy will be wind, with 23 percent will be solar, and 20 percent for hydro.