Guevara: PH assessing, developing indigenous energy sources.

Post event – Future Energy Show

Energy Undersecretary Rowena Cristina Guevara stressed the need for a detailed and coordinated approach in addressing the challenges the energy sector of the Philippines is currently facing.

Guevara, the guest of honor at the recently concluded Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 shared the plans of the government to advance the country’s progress with regard to renewable energy (RE). 

“In the Philippines, we continue to assess and develop indigenous energy sources, diversify our energy supply base, and transition to a more sustainable future,” Guevara said. 

She further affirmed that the collaboration between stakeholders, private sectors, and all involved parties, including development partners, plays a huge part in supporting the country’s effort to achieve the net zero goal. 

“Recently, the share of renewable energy in the power mix, promoting offshore wind projects, encouraging of use of electric vehicles, and implementing energy efficiency measures are all our strategies. We’ve also taken steps to ease foreign ownership restrictions and find more investors.” Guevara adds.

Richie Ramos-Pilares, a Senior Partner of Divina Law, discussed the recent development of allowing 100% foreign companies to invest in renewable energy projects. She explained that, based on the constitution, the State owns all potential energy sources. 

She further explained: “Solar, wind, hydro, ocean, and tidal energy sources are actually kinetic energy and therefore clearly excluded from other sources of potential energy.” This led to the DOE issuing the amended Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 9513 or the Renewable Energy Act of 2008. 

Aside from energy solution providers, government representatives, and private firms present, organizations like the Renewable Energy Association of the Philippines were also at the event, with Erel Narida, its current President, who talked about clean energy storage. 

Narida shared that investing in good clean energy storage can overcome the intermittency of renewable energy sources, allowing for a seamless and stable energy supply without the need for frequent adjustments, unlike other technologies.

A panel discussion on scaling Waste-to-Energy through biogas utilization and converting organic waste into power or diesel alternatives was also held. 

The panel consisted of Alberto Dalusung III from Biomass Renewable Energy Alliance, Ditmar Gorges from METPower Venture Partner Holdings Inc., and Bernardo Tadeo from Full Advantage Phils. International, Inc., emphasized the need for collaboration between DOE and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the transition to waste-to-energy. Unlike renewables, biomass relies on sustainable feedstock for long-term viability.

The Future Energy Show, which was held at the SMX, aimed to showcase the possibilities in the energy industry. By gathering key industry players, rising innovations, and energy trends, the event aimed to assist the growth of renewable energy in the Philippines. 

The Future Energy Show featured over 150 global and regional energy solution providers and included a series of informative talks that discussed the present status and future prospects of the Philippine energy sector.