IRENA: Ph RE capacity up 9% in 2021

COA, PNOC renewables complete solar rooftop installations

The Philippines’ estimated renewable energy (RE) capacity went up by nine percent to 7,617 megawatts (MW) in 2021 from 6,986MW in 2020, according to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). 

Bioenergy had the biggest increase with 314MW in new capacity, resulting in a total of 827MW from 513MW previously. Solar followed with an additional 312MW for a total of 1,370MW from 1,058MW. Hydropower capacity inched up by 5MW to 3,785MW in 2021 from 2020’s 3,780MW. 

Wind and geothermal did not register any growth, as their capacities remain at 443MW and 1,928MW, respectively. 

Globally, RE capacity also grew by nine percent, amounting to 3,064 gigawatts. Hydropower recorded the largest share of capacity with 1,230MW.

Meanwhile, both solar and wind energy contributed the most new RE capacity for 2021 with increases of 19% and 13%, respectively. 

“This continued progress is another testament to renewable energy’s resilience. Its strong performance last year represents more opportunities for countries to reap renewables’ multiple socio-economic benefits,” IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera said in a statement.   

“Indeed, this recent progress is encouraging, but enormous efforts are required urgently to stay on the pathway to the 1.5°C climate goal. Choosing renewables should be the standard for new power additions as we act resolutely to stop new fossil fuel power generation, phase out the assets, and upgrade infrastructure to ensure system flexibility that allows a higher integration of variable renewables,” he further said in the report itself.

Under the Philippines’ National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) 2020-2040, the target share of RE in the power generation mix by 2030 is 35%, and it should increase to 50% by 2040.

However, data from the Department of Energy shows that RE only accounted for 29.1% of the country’s energy mix in 2020.