Marcos calls for business sectors’ support amid RE push

renewables 1

Marcos administration declared the use of renewable energy as the top priority of the government’s climate agenda and called for the business industry’s support to ensure its success, 

In a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said the benefits of utilizing data and models from business ventures include being able to lessen the burden of government in terms of funding, while the expertise of businesses such as planning, operations, executions, and ensuring returns can be incorporated in the prospect sustainability projects.

He also stressed the significance of leadership and cooperation with the business sector to gear up standards on responsible conduct to ensure rapid growth while encouraging the practice of sustainability.

As an example, Marcos cited the transition of the transportation sector in the utilization of sustainable and clean fuels, building of green corridors, and modernizing public transportation and the steps they took such as analyzing the fleet capacity and travel time, fuel consumption, and data to come up with informed decision-making.

To further advance this endeavor, Marcos indicated the need for standardization of data templates, indicators, and baselines across economies to facilitate data collection and exchange that lead to strengthened technical cooperation within APEC.