MERALCO nears completion of micro-modular reactor feasibility study

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As part of its initiative to develop micro-modular nuclear power plants, Manila Electric Co. (MERALCO) announced that it is close to completing a full feasibility study with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corp., a United States company. 

MERALCO Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ronnie L. Aperocho shared this update during the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting. He stated, “We are already wrapping up the feasibility study for the development of a micro-modular reactor with the US-based Ultra Safe Nuclear Corp.”

MERALCO aims to build micro-nuclear power plants within the next four years to provide electricity to remote areas in the Philippines. The proposed micro-modular reactors will have a capacity of 5 to 15 megawatts (MW).

“Our goal is to build a micro-modular reactor as a proof of concept to demonstrate to the Filipino people that nuclear energy is safe, reliable, affordable, and a clean source of baseload power, which our country badly needs,” Aperocho explained.

The power distributor has completed the pre-feasibility study and is now focusing on the safety, financial, and selection parameters of deploying this technology. 

In November, MERALCO and Ultra Safe signed an agreement to explore the potential deployment of one or more micro-modular reactor energy systems in the Philippines, an initiative aligned with the Department of Energy’s goal of incorporating at least 1,200 MW of nuclear energy into the country’s energy mix by 2032. It also underscores MERALCO’s commitment to adopting next-generation clean technologies.

The firm plans to send five to seven scholars overseas this year as part of its nuclear engineering program. 

Meanwhile, MERALCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Manuel V. Pangilinan emphasized the importance of preparing nuclear engineers for the future operation of these micro-modular nuclear plants.

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