NGCP backs admin’s national broadband program

Fire causes NGCP transmission tower to collapse

The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) is backing the government’s national broadband program through the use of fiber optics network in the transmission grid.


“NGCP fully supports the government’s efforts in creating a national broadband plan for the Philippines. We look forward to seeing DICT’s plans come into fruition as having a stable internet connection is now a very important productivity tool, and keeps the whole country connected,” NGCP said.


NGCP president and CEO Henry Sy Jr. said talks on using the fiber optics network began during the previous administration.


“Under the current administration, talks have been ongoing for the past six months. We’ve given the DICT and DOE all the information they need to put this project forward. We’ve informed them that the current transmission facility will be able to support the broadband network envisioned by the government,” he said.


The grid operator has 5, 000 to 10, 000 fiber optic cables of existing fiber optic facilities running from Luzon to Mindanao through a 25-year concession contract. If the government uses NGCP’s fiber optics network, there will be no need for them to go through telecommunications companies.


“Our Concession Agreement specifically allows us to develop the transmission facility and engage in any business which maximizes the utilization of the transmission assets,” Sy said.