PH continuously takes aggressive stance in RE

French firm Philippines a leader in renewable energy developments in Southeast Asia

The Philippines is ensuring an ‘aggressive and proactive stance’ in renewable energy (RE), said former Department of Energy (DOE) Undersecretary Jay Layug.

In an exclusive interview with Power Philippines, Atty. Jay Layug said that the transition to renewable energy is looking hopeful with the government’s reforms and amendments in its policies, including the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) opinion of allowing foreign investors to invest in the Philippines’ RE sector. 

Last year, the DOJ released an opinion stating that foreign entities can now own 100% of renewable energy, specifically in wind and solar investments as the DOE amended the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Renewable Energy Act of 2008. 

This is despite a 14% drop from 34% to 20% in the actual generation of renewable energy during the past ten years.

“Ten years ago… you will see that in terms of actual generation for renewable energy, we reached almost as high as about 34%. However, after 10 years and despite all those rules that we try to implement… We’re down to 20% and that’s a sad state of affairs.” Layug said. 

However, undeterred by the drop in percentages, the renewable portfolio standards (RPS) saw an increase from 1% to 2.52%, which means more electric cooperatives and distribution utilities are now getting more supply from renewable energy facilities. 

The former undersecretary added that REs being considered preferential dispatches is one of the struggles of the previous administration.

“So many things changed and then you have all these very aggressive green energy option targets. We’re very excited and we hope it continues.” Layug said.