Prime Energy to implement contingency measures prior to Malampaya shutdown

malampaya pna

Prime Energy Resources Development B.V will be implementing preparatory measures for the two-week scheduled maintenance shutdown of the Malampaya gas-to-power project in northwest Palawan. 

Prime Energy, the new operator of the Malampaya, will be conducting its maintenance activities from February 4 to 18 to ensure that the equipment and assets of the facility operate safely, reliably, and efficiently to prevent incidents that could affect the continuous power supply to power plants. 

The company said that the primary coverage of the scheduled maintenance work will be on the flare system, saying that it is “necessary to depressurize the whole gas plant from hydrocarbons.” 

Activities will also be conducted around the sites and host communities in barangays Tabangao, Ambulong, Libjo, San Isidro, and Malitam in Batangas in preparation for the scheduled shutdown. 

Gas supply will temporarily be stopped throughout the scheduled maintenance, which would require power plants sourcing from Malampaya would need to find alternate fuel sources. 

The Department of Energy (DOE) earlier said that it is working on contingency measures to ensure continuous power while the shutdown is ongoing, which includes designated “must-run” power plants that must supply electricity to the grid under all conditions. 

Malampaya’s Service Contract (SC) 38 will expire on February 23, 2024, and is also seen to be completely depleted by 2027. The DOE said that it is currently assessing the condition and viability of Malampaya for a possible license extension.