Repower secures three service contracts for wind farms

AC Energy signs agreement for $150-M wind power project in Indonesia

The Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded three service contracts, spanning 25 years, to Repower Development Corporation (REDC) to construct wind power projects in the country.

Inquirer reported that the three wind farms, situated in Real and Mauban, Quezon province, will offer a combined capacity of 500 megawatts (MW). Its construction would commence in the later part of this year. 

Among the three projects, the largest one would span across 14,661 hectares and would offer a capacity of around 200 MW. Meanwhile, the Mauban Offshore Wind Farm, offering 100 MW capacity, would stretch across 3,888 hectares, while the Silang Onshore Wind Farm, also offering 100 MW, would stretch 2,592 hectares.

Repower president and CEO Eric Peter Roxas shared that the firm’s construction of its wind energy projects would complement the firm’s ability to utilize its run-of-river hydropower plants. 

Additionally, this project would warrant REDC to revel in its ongoing growth in net income and revenue.

Apart from the three wind facilities mentioned, the energy firm would also shoulder the Pandan Labayat Onshore Wind Farm which would provide 100 MW.

These projects are within the domain of Repower’s operating hydropower plants. Located inside the vicinity, it also has a large switching station connected to the grid.  

According to Repower, these expansions would egg on the firm to amplify its clean energy portfolio. 

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