Solis, TÜV Rheinland seals partnership to advance solar energy industry


To promote clean energy as a global main energy source through standardization and innovation in the solar photovoltaic and energy storage industry, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies, the world’s third-largest PV inverter manufacturer, has announced a strategic partnership with TÜV Rheinland (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a leading research and testing organization. 

The agreement, signed by Lu Hefeng, Vice General Manager of Solis, and Li Weichun, Vice President of Global Power Electronics Product Services at TÜV Rheinland, will help advance the sustainable and high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry. 

Hefeng emphasized Solis’s commitment to producing safe, secure, and innovative products globally, and expressed optimism in promoting the company’s dedication to making green energy the primary energy source worldwide.

“We look forward to jointly promoting our vision of ensuring green energy becomes the main energy source of our world,” said Hefeng. 

During the event, TÜV Rheinland and the Solis utility team turned over the VDE 4130 certificate for the Solis-(215-255)K-EHV-5G-PLUS high voltage inverter, a critical certification for solar installations in Germany and other European countries. This inverter series maximizes PV power plant yields from high-performance solar panels, including bifacials, and features a fuse-less design, IP66 protection, a 14 MPPT/12 MPPT topology, 99% maximum efficiency, and support for a 200% DC/AC ratio.

Solis also showcased its 350k inverter, boasting up to 99% efficiency, 12/16 MPPTs, 32 inputs, a 20A string current, and support for a 150% DC/AC ratio. Its robust construction makes it ideal for utility-scale projects.

Additionally, Solis introduced the S6-GR1P(0.8)K-UM, a compact balcony inverter designed for the German market. This lightweight and easy-to-install inverter suits various PV module configurations and applications, including balconies, terraces, garages, and outdoor projects, providing a user-friendly solution for sustainable living.

The latest hybrid inverters, including the S6-EH3P(8-15)K-L, S6-EH3P(12-20)K-H, and S6-EH3P(30-50)K-H models, were also introduced. These inverters are compatible with battery models from brands like BYD, LG Energy Solutions, Dyness, and Pylon Tech, offering flexibility and helping homeowners and businesses save on energy costs.

Solis also highlighted its SolisCloud platform, an online commissioning and monitoring tool that enables seamless management of Solis installations by installers, O&M providers, and system owners. The platform features advanced diagnostics for string-level fault finding, minimizing downtime. It can manage multiple systems across residential, commercial, and utility-scale plants, displaying data on carbon emissions saved, equivalent trees planted, system yield, and earnings, ensuring customers see the sustainability impact of their investment. SolisCloud complies with the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act (PSTI) standards, assuring customers of data protection and security.

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