BANTAY COAL PLANTS: DOE issues pollution control regulation

Mackay Green Energy looking to expand into clean coal conversion

The Department of Energy (DOE) has released a draft circular for power players on the suggested management of coal plants in the country.

The circular includes mandates on handling, transport, storage, and distribution of the most dominant fuel for power generation in the Philippines.

“This Circular shall apply to all coal traders, coal logistics service providers, coal end-users, holders of coal operating contracts (COCs); and small-scale coal mining permits and all other persons engaged in coal operations,” the DOE was quoted in a Manila Bulletin report.

The following are the policies the DOE hopes to be applied in the transaction and management of coal plants:

Dust control systems, such as water spray, sprinkler, misting machine, dust arrester should be provided and installed “to prevent emission of fugitive coal dust.”

“Truck’s cargo box shall be properly secured to prevent escape of fugitive coal dust and/or coal spillages along the road,” the DOE added.

The DOE also mandated that every coal should be properly maintained by saying that “any hazardous conditions in or around such area shall be immediately reported, and appropriate corrective and control measures shall be implemented.”

DOE also ordered project operators and facility owners to “ensure that appropriate measures are implemented to prevent emission of foul order – as nuisance – from coal stockpile.”

DOE also added that only authorized personnel shall be allowed to unload coal as spillages must be highly prevented.

Facility operators will be the one responsible for the construction and maintenance of covered warehouse for coal storage. The area should have a system to prevent washout and contamination.

DOE is also requiring the facility operators to “install concrete perimeter fence to prevent propagation of dust and other operational spoils to its neighboring establishments.”

These rules and policies are in line and based on the prescriptions of Presidential Decree 972 or also known as “Coal Development Act.”




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