BETTER POWER KAY KABALEN: NGCP improves transmission line in Pampanga


The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has powered its new Hermosa-Floridablanca 69-kiloVolt (kV) transmission line to provide a more reliable transmission services to residents of Pampanga.

The line was energized on February 28. It aims to prevent overloading of the existing and aging Hermosa-Guagua 69 kV line.

“Due to the load growth in the area, the 53-year old existing line cannot accommodate the heavy loading conditions and would have caused problems in the long run,” NGCP stated on their website.

“A new line was required to ensure the reliability of power transmission services,” NGCP added.

The Energy Regulatory Commission approved the P316 million project and labeled it as Energy Project of National Significance last January.

The project also follows the N-1 component set by the Philippine Grid Code, which means it can withstand a major system disturbance with minimal disruption to the system.

NGCP can provide a better service to the franchise area of the Pampanga II Electric Cooperative (PELCO II), now that there’s a new line.

NGCP is also on working the Western Luzon 500 kV Backbone  Project, which will install a new transmission corridor. Also, the Bataan 230 kV Reinforcement Project, which targets to supply power to customers in Bataan and neighboring provinces. Lastly, the Nagsaag-Tumana 69 kV Transmission line Project, which will cater to Pangasinan customers.

“We continue to appeal for support from our stakeholders in the smooth implementation of our projects, which will ultimately benefit all power consumers not only in Luzon, but in the entire country,” said NGCP.




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