DOE eyes energy investment opportunities in Mindanao

DOE eyes opening of WESM Mindanao in June 2017

Amid investment opportunities in Mindanao, the Department of Energy (DOE) is launching its Mindanao Energy Investment Forum (MEIF) to help spur investment developments in the region.

The forum will be held on October 11, 2018 at the Grand Regal Hotel in Davao and will feature talks and updates on energy developments, such as the one-grid interconnection project and the creation of additional power capacities in the area.

The DOE will bridge investors with financing facilities available for energy projects, concerned government institutions and the business sector for knowledge sharing on the industry’s best practices in the region.

This year’s MIEF will also conduct a panel discussion concerning the government agencies’ role, and the current policies and programs in facilitating and ensuring a smooth transaction of energy projects in Mindanao.

Existing and potential energy investors in Mindanao, Energy Associations, Government Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Financing Facilities, Electric Cooperatives, and Local Government Units will be invited in MEIF.

“The DOE is holding all these in order to empower you, the energy stakeholders, for better coordination and collaboration. Together, we can make a bigger impact in creating wealth for our nation,” said DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi said in the Philippine Information Agency.


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