DOE eyes power demand shift

power service

The Department of Energy (DOE) is preparing for fluctuations in power consumption as most people are confined at their homes due to the spread of coronavirus in Metro Manila.

Energy Undersecretary Felix William Feutebella said “we are monitoring” the demand shift due to the COVID-19 outbreak, however they would still need more analysis as the data are still erratic, according to a report.

DOE has already released its Power Supply-Demand outlook for the summer months, but it hasn’t included the coronavirus diseases as a factor.

It was noted that there had been a change on the people’s usage of energy, and may need re-evaluation of power supply-demand forecasts.

The government has been advocating energy conservation and efficiency in consumer usage. 

Power distribution firm Manila Electric Company (Meralco) have been sharing its “energy efficiency” tips to its consumers, claiming that it is one way to lessen the cost in their electric bills.




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