DOE to implement green energy program to business sector


The Department of Energy (DOE) is planning to implement the Green Energy Option Program on the business sector, giving businesses the option to choose cost-efficient renewable energy resources for their energy needs.

“We wrote a policy which was promulgated last July on the rules and establishment of Green Energy Option Program. The Green Energy is an option for the business sector or consumer to source 100 kilowatt per hour and above from renewable energy sources,” Delola told Sun Star during a media forum at the Davao Light Power Corporation (DLPC) corporate office in Davao City.

Through the program, businesses can directly contact renewable energy firms for a supply contract, Delola added.

“If there is a solar farm near the proximity, or even just by connecting to the grid, you can directly source your energy from your RE plants,” Delola said.

Another advantage of the Green Energy Option is it does not require business establishments to install the RE in consumer’s premises and can be availed outside of the business’s Distributing Units (DU), Delola added.

“What is needed is for ERC to issue the regulation on how to operationalize it. Like what I’ve said, the Department of Energy issues policies, but on how to operationalize it and the costs, ERC does that,” Delola said.



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