Duterte remains doubtful over Paris Agreement


President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his doubt on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, saying that it favors more industrialized nations.

“[May] misgivings ako sa climate change [pact], even [former President Fidel] Ramos criticized me [for not signing the pact]. It was a Cabinet decision, I said, ‘Let’s put it to a vote,’” Duterte said at the inauguration of an Iloilo-based coal – fired power plant.

The president said that the climate pact has issues in its financial aspect where wealthy countries were asked to set aside $100 billion annually as financial assistance for developing countries in tapping into renewable energy sources.

“It is a common fund where you can borrow and start to build maybe whatever gadgets that would promote to a minimal thing your carbon emissions. Who gets the deal here?” he said.

“Sabi ko, you guys, the big nations, all the past centuries during the industrialization stage, kayo ang nag-pollute, until now. Why would I be a member and you dictate the terms because you are the contributors of the common $100 billion na wala pang siguro.”

Duterte said that there are chances that he will withdraw from the pact.

Sa climate change [agreement] I really don’t know the result within the day. I just hope that the nation controlling the interest there including [the] money, they will contribute to a common fund which I think we’re not qualified to be in there. Ayusin lang nila pag hindi mag withdraw,” he said.

Earlier this month, Duterte has agreed to sign the Paris Pact after a unanimous decision.

“After so much debate, the climate change (agreement), I will sign it because it was a unanimous vote except for one or two,” he said.

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Under the Paris Agreement, the Philippines has committed to cut down carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030.



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