EPI looking to fast track 10-MW unit of Biliran geothermal plant

The Emerging Power Inc. (EPI) is eyeing to fast-track the initial 10-megawatt (MW) unit of its geothermal power project in Biliran to help hasten the development in the province following Tropical Depression Urduja.

Company subsidiary Biliran Geothermal Inc. is expediting the construction of its geothermal power plant to produce the first 10 MW.

The power plant will be able to provide stable and reliable power supply in Biliran, especially during natural calamities.

“As we maintain offices in Naval, Biliran, we too experienced the aftermath of Urduja and have extended help as best we can to the community by sharing our available resources and manpower,” EPI president and CEO Guido Alfredo Delgado said.

BGI has an estimated potential of 240 MW from the concession for the exploration, development, and production of the geothermal resource within the contract it received from the Energy Department.

BGI also accommodated free charging of cellphones and gadgets in their offices. Relief goods were also shipped from Cebu and were distributed to the community.

“This year’s events strengthened our resolve to see to the completion of the Biliran geothermal project.  The earthquake last July and recently, the wrath of Tropical Depression Urduja emphasized Biliran’s need for an indigenous local power resource that will ensure power security for the province,” Delgado said.

BGI has a 25-year contract for a geothermal exploration and development that covers 260 square kilometers.

EPI is the power arm of Nickel Asia Corporation.