The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has given the go signal for the construction of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’s (NGCP) Extra High-Voltage (EHV) substation worth P9.7 billion in Taguig.

The project aims to decongest the San Jose EHV Substation, as well as provide support to the Luzon grid system.

“The approval of the NGCP’s EHV substation project will address the growing power demand and power import in Metro Manila. Additional capacities that will be injected into the transmission network by new power generators will soon be accommodated through this project, which will mean a sustainable and reliable supply of power,” ERC Chairman and CEO Agnes VST Devanadera was quoted as saying in a BusinessMirror report.

The San Jose EHV Substation is not the only one to benefit from this project once it’s completed. The 230-kilovolt single-circuit line traversing from Quezon to Muntinlipa will also be supported by the Taguig substation come emergency situations like grid failure.

It will also provide additional voltage in the 230-kV substations within Metro Manila, which are under voltage due to heavy loading condition of the Quezon-Doña Imelda-Paco-Muntinlupa 230-kV transmission line.

The Taguig EHV will also provide additional 230-kV to Taytay Substation.

ERC approved the substation project under the condition that the Taguig substation is set to change its implementation during for the next regulatory period, as stated under the Rules for Setting the Transmission Wheeling Rates of the ERC.

NGCP has to conduct competitive bidding in the implementation of the planned projects. Optimization includes removal of overcapacity and redundant assets.




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