Meralco to postpone maintenance activities, ensures 24/7 service


The Department of Energy (DOE) has asked the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) to postpone its scheduled maintenance activities in Metro Manila until the end of the quarantine period. 

Scheduled maintenance activities will be jointly done by the DOE and Meralco, if after evaluation maintenance activities are still needed for safety reasons.

Meralco has confirmed that it will pause its maintenance activities except for those areas deemed as critically loaded, as approved by the DOE.

“During these challenging times, Meralco will continue working with the energy sector so as to ensure that electric power services remain uninterrupted. Meralco is implementing its business continuity plan and emergency measures to distribute power around the clock, especially to crucial installations such as hospitals. At the same time, we are one with the power sector in our total compliance with the directives of the DOH in order to arrest the COVID 19 situation. Our customers can be rest assured that safety is also of paramount concern to us and we will continue to cooperate with the government in ensuring that we will provide the best level of service expected from us,” Meralco SVP & Head of Networks Engr. Ronnie L. Aperocho was quoted in a statement.

Meralco also continues to open its Meralco Online service for all updates and transactions for safety and health of its customer during the quarantine period.




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