NGCP presents masterplan to connect the country’s whole power grid

power grid

The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) has presented a masterplan to interconnect the whole grid, including smaller island grids, to address the country’s growing power demands.

The Transmission Development Plan (TDP) 2016-2040 presented by the NGCP details the 25-year plan for grid expansion, including the projects and developments proposed and scheduled for implementation.

The TDP also includes the transmission planning approach for the renewable energy sector, particularly wind and solar, which have corresponding action plans to support the development and integration of renewable energy into the country’s power grid.  

The TDP is aligned with the DOE’s Power Development Plan (PDP) 2016-2040, which discusses the agency’s strategy for advancing the Philippine energy sector, NGCP said.

As of March 2018, the grid operator has a total transmission line length of 20,848.54 circuit-kilometers (ckm), and a total substation capacity of 34,117.00 megavolt-amperes (MVA), scattered across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

NGCP plans to increase its total transmission line length to 35,312 ckm and its total substation capacity to 88,036 MVA, to meet the projected system peak demand of 49,844 MV nationwide by 2040.

“Through our TDP, we can ensure that we have the necessary infrastructure to fulfill our vision of a strong, unified electricity transmission network that can meet the country’s increasing power needs until 2040—and beyond,” the agency said.  

NGCP is also planning to interconnect emergent island grids to improve transmission and alternative transmission lines, and to develop resiliency policies for electricity transmission facilities.

The  Mindanao-Visayas Interconnection Project (MVIP) is also part of the TDP which is expected to be completed by December 2020.

“The comprehensive TDP 2016-2040 is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the NGCP and its engineering team, which carefully prepared the TDP as a ‘master plan’ for the Philippine power grid through various feasibility studies and hydrographic surveys conducted for the past two decades,” NGCP said

NGCP holds the right to operate and maintain electricity transmission systems and other related facilities under a government-granted 25-year concession. NGCP can also engage in ancillary businesses that will maximize the utilization of the country’s power transmission network and infrastructure.








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