San Vicente and El Nido, Palawan get additional power supply


Four 600-kilowatt (kW) additional generating sets (gensets) were inaugurated on Wednesday for the power facilities of San Vicente and El Nido.

Alfredo R. Zabala of National Power Corporation (Napocor) Palawan Operations Division said both towns needed the additional power capacity due to tourism growth in the areas.

“Mabilis ang pagtaas ng demand dahil mga tourist destinations,” Zabala said.

San Vicente Diesel Power Plant currently has two open-type gensets with the rated capability of 760 kW and a dependable capacity of 680 kW which is not enough to address the 676 kW peak demand.

“Naghahabol kami ng ‘N-1 capability’. Iyon nga [ibig sabihin ng N-1 capability] kailangan kapag may nasira kang unit, ‘yong matitirang unit mo kaya pang i-handle [‘yong power supply],” said Zabala.

(We’re aiming for ‘N-1 capability.’ That means if a unit breaks or shuts down, the remaining units can handle [the power supply],” said Zabala.)

The two gensets deployed by Napocor in San Vicente hold an added 1,200 kW dependable capability, bringing in the total capability of 1, 940 kW. Zabala said the four open-type gensets together will address the highest possible demand for 676 kW and to back up power demand in case of machine breakdowns.

On the other hand, the El Nido Diesel Power Plant now has a total of 4, 050 kW dependable capacity with its two additional open-type gensets from Napocor, sufficiently accommodating the 3, 825 kW demand.



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