Solenergy installs 4.77 MW solar PV system in Batangas, declares it to be SEA’s largest


Local renewable energy developer Solenergy Systems Inc. claims to have built the largest solar power project in Southeast Asia and one of the largest worldwide

The company installed a 4.77-megawatt (MW) solar rooftop project in the Batangas manufacturing plant of Japan Tobacco International (JTI).

The PV system has 17, 040 solar panels from Canadian Solar Inc., covering a roof area of over 27,000 sqm and 213 Fronius International GmbH grid-tied inverters that convert solar power to usable electricity.

“The system was designed for self-consumption to directly offset JTI’s power demands. To achieve this, Solenergy deployed their proprietary curtailment control system, which dynamically regulates the power generated to match the client’s needs,” the solar firm said.

The solar PV system is expected to generate close to 6.5 Gigawatt hours of energy annually which is projected to be enough to power 4,300 homes and would offset as much as four million kg of CO2 emissions, Solenergy said.

The energy company said solar power is becoming more and more popular in the Philippines, along with industrial and commercial facilities seeing the benefit of offsetting daily power demands.

“Along with green incentives and global directives to source clean energy, companies such as JTI continue to play a critical part in identifying, understanding, and ultimately reducing the environmental impact of large scale manufacturing in the Philippines,” Solenergy said.

Solenergy said it partnered with JTI months before the ground-breaking of the Batangas manufacturing plant.

“Since pre-construction phase, close coordination with JTI had been key to streamlining the architectural and electrical designs of such a large project,” it said.






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