AboitizPower’s ExO Works Sprint gives a peek into distributive tech of the future

AboitizPower edited

Imagine a platform which allows distribution utilities to see real-time updates of assets from power sources to customers or, even better, an application that lets customers choose their power suppliers.

These are some of the many innovations that the AboitizPower is putting in the pipeline as a result of the ExO Works Sprint, which is an initiative of the  Aboitiz Group to “leverage disruptive technologies and increase business agility, accelerate digital innovation, and further cultivate a future-ready mindset within the organization.”

“This is just the beginning of an even better and stronger culture of innovation at AboitizPower,” AboitizPower president and CEO Emmanuel Rubio said, in a statement. 

The other pitches presented by AboitizPower during the Sprint include; a digital assistant and enterprise-wide information and data management platform designed to organize data and connect it to employees as needed; a microenterprise program that would empower Aboitiz employees to create small, independent, and innovative ventures under the company in order to create value for customers; and a project that would harness the potential of vertical farming to address issues on food security. 

“The Sprint strengthens AboitizPower’s innovation DNA by launching audacious core and edge initiatives with exponential impact,” AboitizPower chief corporate services officer Carlo Aboitiz said. 

ExO Works Sprint is a 10-week program hosted by the Aboitiz Group, which is a step forward toward the conglomerate’s goal to become the country’s first “techglomerate”, which is anchored on AboitizPower’s digital transformation program, DigitalLeap.