How sustainable is renewable energy?

How sustainable is renewable energy

The demand for energy increases as the world’s population swells. Although there are various energy sources available, the idea of sustainable energy has been making rounds. Sustainable energy is usually long-lasting, can be replenished and will be available for a considerable time period. Determining whether or not a source of energy is sustainable depends on three things.

  • Can the energy be naturally restored?
  • Can technology improve the efficiency of the energy?
  • Is the energy source going to be around for the long term?

Most of the renewable energy sources – including solar, geothermal, wave, hydropower, wind, and tidal power – are sustainable.

Over the past years, people have reaped the benefits of fossil fuels. A looming question, however, is for how much longer we’ll be able to use fossil fuels. While the supply may be abundant, it is finite.

Today, people are becoming more aware of the possible consequences if we do not switch to clean and green energy.

Renewable energy projects need a large amount of capital before launching. It’s going to take around a decade before renewable energy can contribute a large portion in the total output of energy. Although it contributes to the overall energy mix in different parts of the world, the cheaper and more abundant fossil fuels still win over it. But when talking about sustainability, renewable energy is definitely here for the long term.