ACEN, Yindjibarndi company partner for RE development

ACEN – offshore wind

ACEN had recently partnered with the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (YAC), to own, develop, and operate three gigawatts (GW) large-scale renewable energy (RE) projects in the Pilbara region in Western Australia. 

ACEN and the YAC have officially joined forces to create the Yindjibarndi Energy Corporation (YEC).

The main goal of the YEC is to support the growth of large renewable energy efforts in the vicinity of industrial energy consumers in Yindjibarndi Ngurra.

The collaboration, which aims to develop renewable energy (RE) projects like solar and wind within the Yindjibarndi Determination Area spanning approximately 13,000 sq-km, will become one of Australia’s largest indigenous-led renewable energy initiatives.

“We feel deeply honored by the trust the Yindjibarndi community has bestowed upon ACEN to work collaboratively with them in exploring development opportunities on their lands. The Pilbara region is home to some of the largest industrial energy users globally, many of whom have expressed their desire to transition to a carbon-neutral future. We are actively engaged in promising dialogues with potential offtake customers to purchase renewable energy.” ACEN International CEO Patrice Clausse said. 

The two parties have agreed to the following: Yindjibarndi’s equity involvement in all projects, ranging from 25% to 50%; Yindjibarndi’s approval of all proposed project sites; hiring and training possibilities for Yindjibarndi people; and contract negotiations for Yindjibarndi-owned businesses. 

YEC has committed to an initial investment of AUD $1 billion to develop 750 MW worth of battery storage, wind, and solar projects over the next few years. The renewable energy generated from these projects will surpass the current output of Western Australia’s largest coal-fired power station. 

“The agreement with ACEN means that the Yindjibarndi people can actively participate in Australia’s renewable energy transition in a significant way that provides long-term economic benefits to our community, whilst also ensuring that we can protect and preserve all areas within Yindjibarndi Ngurra which are of cultural, spiritual, and environmental significance to us,” YAC Chief Executive Michael Woodley shared.

Meanwhile, Clean Energy Council CEO Kane Thornton commended the partnership, saying that the agreement sets a new standard in which native Australians participate in the country’s goal for a clean energy future.

ACEN has already established a strong foundation within the RE sector by contributing to the country’s transition to clean energy. The company’s commitment to developing RE technology further strengthens Australia’s position as a leader in RE adoption and showcases the potential for a greener and more sustainable future.