Alternergy, Shell to surrender Calavite Passage to DOE

shell, alternergy

Alternergy and Shell Overseas Investment B.V.  are surrendering the Calavite Passage offshore wind (OSW) project to the government.

The parties have concluded their preliminary studies and initial assessment of the feasibility of the four Wind Energy Service Contracts (WESCs) awarded by the Department of Energy (DOE).

The results exhibited encouraging indicators for three locations positioned above the Tablas Strait, assigned to Tablas Strait Offshore Wind Power Corporation (TSOWPC), the project company.

“Based on these studies, the three sites are deemed feasible for offshore wind development exploration,” said Alternergy president Gerry P. Magbanua. 

Unfortunately, the study’s findings for the Calavite Passage location revealed a number of technical problems that are preventing development at this time, given the state of the market and existing technological advancements. 

“The WESC covering the Calavite Passage located offshore and onshore Occidental Mindoro will be returned to the DOE pursuant to our obligations under the WESC while the development of the three Tablas Strait WESCs will be further explored,” said Magbanua. 

The preliminary studies aim to identify potential sites and narrow down the list of places for offshore wind development within the four WESCs’ contract regions.