ASEAN targets 23% renewables in energy mix by 2025


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has plotted down a road map to achieve 23 percent of renewable energy in the region’s energy mix come 2025, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE) said in a press conference.

The 23 percent target was set by the ASEAN at the 33rd ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting in Na Pvi Taw in Myanmar.

To achieve the target, ASEAN countries must rapidly accelerate the deployment of renewables.

IRENA and ACE conducted a study called “Renewable Energy Outlook for ASEAN – a REmap analysis” that will serve as a roadmap for ASEAN country to achieve the target energy mix.

“The analysis from IRENA and ACE shows that reaching the 23 per cent target in the ASEAN region is not only feasible but cheaper than the alternative,” IRENA Director – General Adnan Z Amin said. “Doing so, however, will require more emphasis on renewables across all sectors, including heating, cooking and transport.”

The combined energy demand of ASEAN countries is expected to grow 50% by 2025, the study said. The demand growth will increase emissions by 60 percent, with $225 billion annual costs in health and pollution.

“This study will help ASEAN achieve its aspirational renewable energy target. Beyond that, it will also help the region achieve the four pillars under the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation: energy security, accessibility, affordability and sustainability for all,” ACE Executive Director Sanjayan Velautham said.

“While the share of renewables each Member State can realistically achieve varies, the fact remains that all ASEAN countries can contribute to the 23 percent goal in their own way,” IRENA Innovation and Technology Center Director Dolf Gielen said.

The study is expected to be released in October.