Atimonan residents still support A1E despite protests

A1E Plant Layout Updated 2015-03-17

Residents of Atimonan still support the construction of A1E power plant, in spite of protests and campaigns against the power plant project.

Townsfolk expect the project to provide jobs that could better the lives of the residents.

Greg de Garcia chairman of Samahan ng Maliliit na Mangingisda ng Balubad, Lubi, Talaba, at Kilait said that the groups who were campaigning against the power plant project were not representing the interest of the residents of the Atimonan.

“I attended all public consultations together with my fellow fisherman and fellow Atimonanins,” said de Gracia, adding that they were aware that the consultations were required before the issuance of the environmental compliance certificate,” de Garcia told Manila Standard.

“We are real Atimonanins. We live here. We work here and we will be the direct beneficiaries of the project. These groups don’t represent us and they don’t come and talk to us. The information they are spreading are false or fake news. We continue to strongly support the project,” he added.

He said the project would uplift the lives of the residents, as well as help the town of the Atimonan.

“The project is not yet constructed but we are already benefiting from it through the different programs and activities that will not be available to us without Atimonan One Energy,” de Gracia told Manila Standard.

“Together with the other real Atimonanins, we believe that the project will also help our families and the next generation who will benefit from better service, more job opportunities, and improved health and educational facilities that we will get from this project,” de Garcia added.

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