Chevron set to build more stations in Mindanao

Chevron set to build more stations in Mindanao

Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI) is set to retain its position as the top three oil player in the country by building 32 new retail stations 25 percent of which will be in Mindanao.

CPI country manager Peter Morris said the company is putting up new stations across the Philippines to add to the existing 700 retail stations and as launch a new gasoline product.

“That’s right across the country, evenly spread across the country, a few here in Metro Manila, there’s certainly quite a few in growth areas like Mindanao and provincial areas in the Visayas,” he said.

The expansion entails going into partnerships with local businesses as CPI provides the Caltex branding and supplying the fuel in ideal locations, Morris said.

“We provide the branding aspects and some other investments for the service station…It’s a big part of what we do, [which] is to provide growth businesses and work with business partners and improve their livelihood and of the local communities because those business partners are key members of those communities,” he said.

Yestertday the company unveiled a new Techron with Clean and Glide Technology along with a new gasoline variant, Caltex Platinum, which will replace their Gold variant.

The company currently has 15 percent in market share in the oil industry. Five oil depots under CPI and another eight in a joint cooperation with the Shell company will provide for the new ventures.

“We welcome new competitors but we also compete very strongly. That’s why the Caltex brand is continually innovating. People can go on try other brands, but they can always come back to Caltex for the highest quality fuel, fuel they can trust, and fuel that’s going to provide reliability for their vehicle,” Morris said.