China open to helping PH improve energy sector


China has expressed its willingness to assist the Philippines to improve its energy sector through advanced yet cheaper technology, a visiting high official said. 

In a report by CNN Philippines, the Minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Liu Jianchao said that they need concrete ideas and suggestions from the Philippines “on what you need and how we can move about this.” He added that the cooperation would depend on the national government strategy and policy of the country. 

Liu said that China can assist in the hydropower generation, solar, and wind energy aspects of the country’s energy needs, adding that their country’s products and technology are “cheaper and highly effective.” 

Liu added China is among “the largest wind and solar power producers in the world.” 

The Chinese official also said that the Philippines can tap into their advanced technology for building nuclear power plants, stressing that they have cooperation with certain European countries on building such plants. 

During his State of the Nation Address, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. pushed for the reexamination of the country’s strategy in building nuclear plants in the country. 

In the country’s Nuclear Energy Program, through Executive Order No. 164, nuclear energy will be included in the country’s energy mix through the Philippine Energy Plan.