Citicore finishing Bataan freeport rooftop solar project


Citicore Power Inc. (CPI) is looking to complete the installations of its solar rooftop project with a total of 6.64 megawatts (MW) in capacity for the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) this month.

CPI said it finished installing the solar rooftop project on eight out of 14 buildings, which have a total capacity of 2.84MW within the FAB.

The solar project will have 14,756 pieces of mono-crystalline photovoltaic panels with 450 watts power class and string inverter capacity, which can generate up to 6,554 gigawatt-hours of power yearly.

Should the completion happen indeed this July, the project would have run for only five months instead of the original seven and despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The firm said this project is seen to reduce the freeport’s carbon emissions by 5,800 metric tons per year and help it save as much as Php5.3 million annually.

Citicore President Oliver Tan said that the initial completion of the project will allow locators to harness solar energy and embed energy efficiency as an integral part of their operations, which is also in line with AFAB’s overall sustainability strategy.

He added that the solar installations program shows that with technological innovations and collaboration among partners, alternative energy sources can be utilized to provide cost-effective solutions for power generation.

AFAB administrator Emmanuel Pineda said the agency’s shift to solar as its energy source is aligned with its “SOFT HEART” Action Plan, which targets to prioritize socially-relevant, operationally viable, financially feasible projects, while using advanced technologies related to housing, expansion areas, accessibility, renewable energy, and transportation.