Climargy pledge to support partners in energy efficiency projects


Climargy, a private Energy Service Company (ESCO), is announcing its pledge to support public and private sector partners in pursuing energy efficiency projects during the COP28 meetings in Dubai.

Mission Efficiency issued a Call to Action, inviting countries, corporations, and associations to show their support for setting a global goal of increasing energy efficiency by more than double the yearly pace.

Climargy CEO Alexander Ablaza stated that most of the capital gap must be redirected outside energy end-users balance sheets through financial structures to increase energy efficiency globally by 2030.

Climargy would support both public and private sectors by establishing a private Super-ESCO.

This strategy expects to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency measures by directing private funding away from traditional energy developers and toward energy efficiency project portfolios.

The Call to Action’s goal is to encourage companies to commit to the goal of considering energy efficiency and the first of its pledges was unveiled during COP 28.

“Mission Efficiency has created a platform for industry, government, financial institutions, and others to pledge their financial and technical support for energy efficiency, which is critical to accelerating the energy transition and curbing global warming,” said Sustainable Energy for All Director of Energy Transition Brian Dean.