Consumer group lauds lower Meralco rates and FIT-All charges, expresses support to new PSAs

FIT-All collections

Laban Konsyumer Inc. commended Meralco’s recent decrease as rates decline in February by P0.59 per kilowatt hour (kWh), making it the lowest cost in two years.

This is the second consecutive month of power rate deduction, cumulatively amounting to P1.00 per kWh in the past two months.

The group is grateful as consumers significantly benefit in this system through lower power prices and the generation charge bill component.

In related news, Laban Konsyumer also celebrated the outcome of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)’s decision to reduce the feed-in-tariff (FIT) allowance in Filipino consumer’s electric bills to P0.04 per kWh.

“We hoped that our participation as consumer advocates helped tip the scales regarding this decision by the Regulator. This emphasizes our primary advocacy through timely petitions filed to the Commission,” Laban Konsyumer President Vic Dimagiba stated.

The group also expressed that it is waiting for the pending action and decision for the disclosure of the grid operating maintenance program as it is an important topic to be discussed, especially now that the country is slowly entering the summer months and the high temperatures usually lead to plant shutdowns and thinning power supply.

Laban Konsyumer concluded that this will greatly benefit consumer welfare as it will continue to safeguard all customers of power to relieve them of having to pay higher rates like the FIT allowance. Additionally, the group also believes that the new power supply agreements (PSAs) will address lowering costs for the consumers.

The group expresses their satisfaction and confidence that these policies will further empower the consumers.

Laban Konsyumer sees its timely intervention in the approval of the Meralco PSAs as well as its continuing advocacy against the FIT allowance policy as a win for consumers. Laban Konsyumer wishes to thank all its constituencies and in its own small and little steps to enhance consumer empowerment because above all its services to the consumers is its primary advocacy.