Danish company looks to launch solar solutions in PH Agriculture


Danish company, Grundfos Holding A/S, has disclosed its plans to expand its presence in the country by introducing solar power solutions to boost the country’s agriculture sector. 

In a report by BusinessWorld, Grundfos Asia Pacific Water Utility Business head Rick Holland believes that solar energy is capable of addressing agricultural challenges. 

Hilland noted that there has been a surge in demand for the use of solar energy across different applications in the agriculture sector, like solar-powered pumping systems, greenhouse heating, remote supply of electricity, remote supply of electricity, and solar-powered cooling systems. 

The Danish company official added that reliable, affordable, and sustainable solutions are needed in the agriculture industry to help meet the growing demand and at the same time boost climate resilience across food systems. 

Grundfos said that climate-smart farming tools and technologies can make a difference by “encouraging more efficient use of resources.” 

The country is setting its sights on increasing the strength of renewable energy in the energy mix, targeting 35% by 2030, and 50% by 2040. 

Until recently, coal power plants made up the majority of the electricity mix (57.5%) while renewable energy accounted for 23.4%.

Grundfos provides liquid pumps for an array of industries like agriculture, biofuel, water utilities, and wastewater.