DOE gets UK assistance for offshore wind

DOE offshorewind

The Department of Energy (DOE) has secured technical assistance from the United Kingdom government that will help address development issues for the targeted offshore wind projects in the country, including those that are marine spatial planning, licensing, and permitting. 

DOE said that the technical assistance will be delivered by the Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership.  

“The visit allowed the delegation to meet relevant UK regulators and industry stakeholders for knowledge sharing of best practices, regulatory framework, and industry development, and opened-up potential opportunities for UK-Philippines collaboration in offshore wind,” DOE said in a statement.   

DOE undersecretary Rowena Guevara, who headed the delegation to the UK, said that an offshore wind inter-agency committee is needed to facilitate offshore wind development in the country. 

The Energy Department added that the visit “amplified the industry’s critical role and importance in developing the OSW supply chain and the government’s regulatory and policy objectives in building successful OSW farms.” 

Following the visit, the UK government affirms its “strong commitment to supporting the efforts of the Philippines and its other partner countries in their OSW journey towards the acceleration of its clean energy ambition.” 

Earlier, DOE said it will be amending the guidelines that govern the awarding of renewable energy contracts to include offshore wind technology. 

A study by DOE and the World Bank Group earlier revealed that the country has a potential of 178 gigawatts of offshore wind resources.