DOE imposes warning against illegal coal traders

DOE coal

The Department of Energy (DOE) has warned coal traders engaged in illegal trading of facing penalties and revocation of permits. 

“In order to fully with obligations under the circular and avoid being penalized under the same, you are hereby directed to inhibit from transacting and/or undertaking coal trading activities or related businesses with illegal small-scale miners, non-accredited coal traders, and unregistered coal end-users,” the advisory read. 

Energy undersecretary Alessandro Sales said that the advisory is a “warning for all stakeholders that any future infraction will be severely dealt with by the DOE.” 

The DOE issued the advisory following reports of illegal small-scale coal mining operations and entities conducting illegal coal trading operations and utilization violating DOE Circular No. 20212-05-006. 

“No person, partnership, cooperative, or corporation shall engage in the trading or utilization of coal within the Philippines, unless duly accredited or registered, respectively, with the DOE….” the circular read. 

Sales reminded relevant stakeholders to sell only to accredited coal traders and registered coal end-users and entities that are exempted from accreditation under the circular. 

The advisory noted that registered coal end-users shall be obliged “to purchase locally-produced coal only from valid COC Holders, Independent SSCMP holders or accredited coal trader, or in the case of importation, to comply with all rules and regulations pertinent to coal importation.” 

In case of violations, the DOE is authorized to “suspend, revoke, or cancel any coal trader’s Certificate of Accreditation or Registration of coal end-users due to, among others, failure to comply with the obligations,” as mentioned in the circular.