DOE pushes for fast restoration of earthquake-affected power plants

DOE pushes for fast restoration of earthquake-affected power plants

The Department of Energy is pushing for the speedy repairs of power plants that were damaged by the swarm of earthquakes in Batangas and nearby areas to assure adequate power supply in the Luzon Grid.

“We are continuously and closely coordinating with power industry players, especially those on the side of the generation industry for the safe and immediate rehabilitation of the power plants affected by the earthquake last Saturday,” DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi said.

Cusi said that their priority is safe and quick restoration of the Luzon Grid power supply following the declaration of yellow alert status last April 11.

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The Luzon grid lost 1, 570 megawatts (MW), as the earthquakes forced outages to the Avion Unit 2 (50 MW), San Lorenzo Ruiz Units 1 and 2 (500 MW), Ilijan B (600 MW) and San Gabriel (420 MW).

“We are also calling for the ‘Bayanihan’ spirit among the power industry players to fast-track the rehabilitation of the plants,” Cusi said.

DOE said that they are currently in talks with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) and other industry players for mitigating measures on spikes in power prices.

The PEMC said that the current condition of the power market remains normal despite supply loss.