DOE to put up indigenous renewable energy zones nationwide


The Department of Energy intends to to identify and create renewable energy zones all over the archipelago in order to boost the development of the country’s indigenous renewable energy resources.

The agency is, in fact, drafting a circular to pinpoint so-called Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) in the country.

“The DOE will be working in partnership with other stakeholders to identify and develop RE Zones and upgrade and expand transmission facilities through policy initiatives and activities that shall enable the optimal use of the Philippines’ indigenous RE resources,” it said.

The CREZ will be tasked to spot a possible candidate RE Zones, which represent geographic areas based on high-quality, low cost RE potential in addition to high levels of private sector developer interest.

In addition, it will also identify a set of transmission expansion and/or upgrade scenarios that improve the deliverability of energy origination from candidate RE Zones.

Aside from that it will also analyze the economic, operational, environmental, and other costs and benefits associated with the required transmission enhancement scenarios.

The CREZ will specify cost-effective transmission line enhancements proposed to be included in the TDP, as reviewed and approved by the DOE.

“The CREZ Process aims to support the DOE overcome RE development obstacles such as transmission constraints and regulatory barriers to financial investment by the private sector,” the DOE said.

The DOE is asking for opinions from industry stakeholders for the drafted circular until July 27.