DOE says it identified 15 sites for nuke facilities


The Department of Energy (DOE) said it has identified 15 sites as possible locations for nuclear power generating plants, subject to further evaluation of their potential to meet international norms for such facilities. 

Based on a BusinessWorld report, Energy Asec. Gerardo Erguiza, Jr. said that the sites will be subjected to rigorous evaluation by experts, including those from the International Atomic Energy Agency and from other countries.

Erguiza said that the process will be transparent and that all problems will be addressed, while they will meticulously look at injecting nuclear power into the energy mix.

Energy Usec. Felix William Fuentebella added that the DOE is eyeing to use renewable energy, nuclear, and hydrogen-based power alternatives to conventional fuels in the event of a supply disruption affecting traditional power sources.

Last January, the DOE submitted the proposed nuclear power plan to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

Erguiza said that nuclear power can be a good source of stable, secure, and reliable power, which some advanced countries depend on.

Meanwhile, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) Executive Director Carlo Arcilla said that nuclear power holds the potential to address baseload power needs. PNRI is part of the Nuclear Energy Program’s interagency committee.

The DOE and PNRI launched an educational campaign on nuclear science and technology last month to broaden public awareness and improve public perception of the controversial power source.