DOE to conduct 2nd round of GEAP by 2Q


The Department of Energy (DOE) will soon be conducting the second round of the green energy auction to further boost the country’s renewable energy (RE) sector. 

In a report by Business Mirror, Energy secretary Raphael Lotilla said that the DOE will conduct the second round of the Green Energy Auction (GEA) program “by the second quarter of 2023.”

The DOE looks to conduct the GEAP annually to encourage more RE investments in the country, adding that the program “empowers consumers” with the option to source RE from a licensed supplier, and at the same time, promotes the use of RE to further improve its share in the country’s energy mix. 

Apart from using RE as power source, other ways to transition towards clean energy include energy efficiency and conservation measures and storage solutions. 

DOE is currently working on various programs on demand side management, minimum energy performance for products, promotion of energy service companies, and government energy management program. 

The Energy Department is also working on a new policy on energy storage systems to further support the development of RE in the country. 

19 firms were awarded during the first round of the GEAP in 2022. The winning bidders are set to deliver 2,000 megawatts (MW) of RE capacity.