DOE to include LGUs in EVOSS for energy projects

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Energy Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla said that the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop (EVOSS) will soon include Local Government Units (LGU) to help resolve the delays in the approval of projects.

In a report by the Business World, Lotilla shared that currently, the energy department is working on uniting the remaining relevant agencies into the platform, and under the system, the EVOSS is required to cover all suitable entities.

EVOSS is a platform that simplifies and fast-tracks the application processing of energy projects. Power generation companies mentioned that LGU approvals for their projects have been one of the biggest concerns. 

Along with the private entities, Lotilla added that the EVOSS will be expanded to include local governments, done in accordance with the development of each sector of energy, preferably renewables. 

Some organizations and companies echoed their obstacles in contributing to the country’s renewable energy growth:

The World Wide Fund for Nature identified red tape and insufficient encouragement as hurdles to the growth of the country’s renewable energy (RE).

Aboitiz Power Corporation chief operating officer Felino M. Bernardo said that the transmission system of the country is one of the challenges in attaining the energy security target of the country. 

Citicore Renewable Energy Corporation president and CEO Oliver Y. Tan also said that the concerns transitioning to renewables are not something that the Philippines only experiences. Thus, it is on the stakeholders to come up with solutions. 

The Philippine Energy Plan sets targets for renewable energy (RE) adoption, aiming to achieve a 35% share of RE in the energy mix by 2030 and 50% by 2040. As of 2022, the country’s RE share has reached 22%

The DOE is in the process of updating the Philippine Energy Plan, extending its coverage from 2040 to 2050. In this revised plan, the energy department is proposing a significant increase in the share of renewable energy to surpass 50% in the country’s energy mix.